"Simple" acts of Love

“Simple”, which is the last song on my new cd “MUSIC”, happens to be one of the most personal songs I’ve ever written. 

'Simple' interaction with mother and child

The initial idea for the song came when I was thinking about some of the things from my childhood, which are seemingly so mundane, yet I think about them with such fondness.   Eventually, I realized that these particular moments have become quite meaningful to me and have actually shaped my sense of well-being and contentment as an adult. 

I’ll give you an example to better illustrate what I mean.  I remember falling asleep on the couch when I was four or five years old and, as part of our nightly ritual, my mom would take us to the bathroom before tucking us in.  What I remember most clearly is my mom taking a bar of soap and washing my hands after using the potty. I remember her arms enveloping me and the way my small hands felt in her adult hands, I remember the feel of the warm water and I remember the feel of the slippery Ivory soap getting all sudsy and bubbly.  I can still envision my small self stepping up on to the little wooden booster step and the way the counter would still jab into my belly.  (Maybe I had short arms, I don’t know).  And then I remember the toweling off to dry my hands.  Getting in between the finger to make sure every part was dry – I kind of hated that part.  Today, I think back on this whole ritual and I feel the love of this small act.
That is what “Simple” is about at its core.  The small acts of love that parents and caregivers do every day, without thinking, without attributing much meaning to them at all, that end up sticking with us as we grow and shaping us into the adults we become.
What do you hope your children will remember?  If your children are grown, do they have any meaningful memories?

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