"Sing, Sign, Dance" is very unique, and the title refers to the different elements that comprise the 30-45 minute program. The musical selection goes from well-known songs like "Wheels on the Bus" to original songs that she's written, some of which are written specifically with teachable lessons in mind. For example, Nina wrote a song in which the group sings about manners.  Watch the video

Sing refers to the use of alliteration, call-and-response and backing choir techniques that encourage phonological awareness, as per the Core Common State Standards Initiative.

Sign references the integration of sign language as a way of demonstrating diversity and inclusion. Nina has written simple and fun sign language songs that kids are able to imitate easily. She also demonstrates the American Sign Language alphabet and encourages the kids to try it as well. Sign language is a wonderful learning tool that can help kids develop their fine and gross motor movements, and it can make learning a lot of fun, too.

Directional Movement is the key to the Dance element. Nina is a a high-energy performer who likes to get the kids involved and engaged. Over the years, she has performed for thousands of kids at charter and public schools, libraries and theaters. Because of this experience, she has really developed her understanding of the use of performance dynamics like fast-slow-freeze and loud-soft to keep the kids on the edge of their seats.

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