Nina developed a program for pre-school children called "Sing, Sign, Dance." She incorporates call and response techniques, as well as sign language and directional movement to keep the kids engaged and interested. The musical selection goes from well-known songs like "Wheels on the Bus" to original songs that she's written, some of which are written specifically with teachable lessons in mind. For example, Nina wrote a song in which the group sings about manners.

Other programs
Nina is currently the music provider for several area Bright Horizons and have been performing for children about seven years. In addition to pre-schools, she also performs in libraries, theaters, elementary schools and festivals. Nina has just completed her second children's CD, called "M-U-S-I-C," released in October 2013.

Additionally, Nina writes a lesson overview for each class, so all of the parents can be involved in what their child is learning. Nina has received some great feedback from parents about how valuable the lesson overview is.

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