Guitar lessons


“Learning to play the guitar is the best thing I’ve ever done!! I have spent hours upon hours playing and practicing, and every minute of it has been joyful and worthwhile.” 

- Nina

Some of the benefits of playing guitar:

  1. Explore your creativity
  2. Boost your self-confidence
  3. Develop self-discipline and work ethic
  4. Playing in a band develops team work skills
  5. It’s incredibly fun to entertain and sing or play with people
  6. Meet lifelong friends because of your shared passion
Some of the benefits of learning guitar with Nina Music:
  1. She’s encouraging and patient.
  2. You’ll have a great musical foundation.
  3. You’ll develop your ear for pitch, melody and rhythm.
  4. As a singer, Nina can help you with your singing technique.
  5. You can learn recording techniques and tricks, including multi-tracking using ProTools.  Nina recorded her last two CDs in her home studio.
  6. Nina is an award-winning songwriter, and she will encourage you to explore creativity and push your limits.
  7. She can help you develop your stage presence and performance techniques.

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